Why does Paul like his career in real estate? It’s because he meets fascinating people nearly every day.

Paul tells a story about selling a custom, very expensive property for an unusual man whose asking price was well below value because he had a different set of values! The house had given him 15 good years, he was moving out of state, and he wanted to sell it quickly.

Paul gets to meet people from all over the world – His two biggest sales have been to clients who didn’t speak English.

You can tell that Paul loves his job – Today you can hear the wind rushing through the trees in the video. You feel like you are out in the country with him!

Watch Farm Talk With Paul Ward for more details and intriguing stories.

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Farm Talk : Why Does Paul Like His Career in Real Estate?

I was asked why I like my career of selling real estate, and I had to think about that a little while. The answer is because of all of the fascinating people that I get to meet pretty much every day. A recent story for you; I just sold a property and the gentleman lost quite a bit of money on the transaction. He had lived in the home for 15 years; he built the property himself, with contractors of course, and he was moving out of state. It was quite an expensive property and he lost several hundred thousand dollars he sold it below what it was appraised. He knew that he was selling it below market and he of course got a flurry of activity and a lot of interest in the property because it was undervalued. He sold it very quickly and I said, “That’s an interesting strategy that you sold it for so much less than market,” and he said, “It gave me 15 good years. I enjoyed those years; I built the property; I created the property and now it’s just time to move on and the timing is perfect. I’m moving out of state I don’t want to manage the property anymore. It’s quite large and this buyer came along and was willing to meet my needs with a quick escrow.” Most people you know understandably try to get every last dime they can and this gentleman just had a really different attitude.

Another interesting factor is I meet people from all over the world. My two biggest sales have actually been immigrants that did not speak English; one spoke Spanish and one spoke Chinese. Both transactions were in the several million-dollar range. It’s interesting that they had come from different countries and achieved the American Dream. It’s something that I see more often than not. The people that I meet really do make a difference. If you’d like to make a comment, feel free to reach out; my email is paul@homeandranchsellingteam.com, or you can message us.

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